“The OHBAR Thai Cuisine 1982” .
Are you hearing ? 

We brought Thai Street Cuisine over to this place which is differences from your experiences, verities dishes, testy and bar, and we offer a very affordable price. We hope you could give us an opportunity to drop by and explore taste our Thai Street Cuisine.

..Abb Air Thai Cuisine 1982 has operated since 2013 and today is still popular Thai restaurant at World Square Shopping Centre. Abb Air Thai Cuisine 1982 severed with a concept of

“Simplify Surprise in Taste”.

We cook and serve what we love, and like. Our quality is 5Fs “Focus, Freshness, Fast (services), Finest (quality control), Fun (enjoy cooking). And today this is time.

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The beginning of restaurant.  How does it become OHBAR?
How does the restaurant decoration style come from?
What are the recommended menus of OHBAR?
Can you tell us about the background experience of each chef?

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